1. We consciously train candidate legal practitioner, most of whom are previously racially disadvantaged. The registration fees for enrollment to attend the Justice Training Centre at UNAM are paid for by the firm. The candidate legal practitioners also receive a market related allowance and are under attachment for a period of two years.
  2. We also provide, as far as possible, training to our support staff and professionals.
  3. We continuously enrol various secretaries to undergo training in all matters they require skills. Professional staff undergo professional development training and attend courses relevant to their respective needs.
  4. We generally encourage all our staff to pursue further studies in order that they may become suitably qualified to enjoy further equal employment opportunities in their field of studies.
  5. We have a commitment to promote the rule of law, legal outreach, legal support, education and social upliftment in the community in which we live.
  6. We support social corporate project aimed to empower children in education and life skills support.
  7. Most of our staff, including legal professionals, are vaccinated against COVID 19. We take Covid 19 prevention measures seriously and we have a work away from office policy. Staff are empowered and encourage to work from home and from any place of choice. Our health and your safely is paramount in everything we do.
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